List : Unit transposons

Name Accession Notes
Tn1 L27758: 5492..10440 Originally identified as carrying blaTEM-2
Tn1f KM406488: 5403..10351 Tn1 variant carrying blaTEM-1f
Tn2 AY123253: 24411..29360 Originally identified as carrying blaTEM-1b. This sequence was initially referred to as Tn2*.
Tn2c HM749967: 6236..1287 Tn2 variant (9 nt differences) carrying blaTEM-1c. Called Tn2a in Bailey et al. (2011) JAC 66:745-51.
Tn3 HM749966: 5442..495 Originally identified as carrying blaTEM-1a. HM749966 is used as the exemplar because the original Tn3 sequence (V00613) has a 9 bp duplication - see Bailey et al. (2011) JAC 66:745-51.
Tn7 AM261760: 63413..54123 tns region only, not including class 2 integron
Tn21 AF071413: 0..0 Positions 19672-15034 and 4044-1 in AF071413 (integron plus one copy of 5 bp flanking DR removed). Equivalent to Tn5060 (4 nt differences).
Tn402 U67194: 39108..34376 tni region of Tn402
Tn501 Z00027: 1..8355 mercury resistance transposon
Tn1000 X60200: 5981..1 Tn3-like transposon also called "gammadelta"
Tn1013 AM261760: 29466..21671 Haines et al. Plasmid 58(1):76-83 (2007)
Tn1403 AF313472: 0..0 mercury resistance transposon; AF313472 positions 19630-17340, 11864-10003 and 3731-1 (minus integron, Tn5393 and one copy of DRs) used as exemplar
Tn1412 L36547: 15653..11685 tni region of Tn402-like transposon
Tn1696 U12338.3: 0..0 Positions 1-3664 and 12000- 116318-12000 in U12338.3 (integron plus one copy of 5 bp flanking DR removed). Equivalent to Tn5036 (15 nt differences plus 30 nt duplication in Tn5036).
Tn1721 AB366441: 48065..36938 Includes Tn1722 plus tet(A) region. Tn1721# may also indicate fragments of Tn1722
Tn1722 X61367: 1..5640 Component of Tn1721
Tn4401 EU176011: 0..0 ISKpn7-blaKPC-ISKpn6 region not included in exemplar sequence, (EU176011 positions 4054..8980 and 13658..13959); Naas et al. (2008) AAC 52:258-63
Tn5051 Y17719: 1..2297 only part of sequence available from original report
Tn5053 L40585: 9045..599 Tn402-like transposon carrying mercury resistance operon
Tn5393 AF262622: 5570..101 Tn3 family transposon that carries strAB
Tn5403 X75779: 1..3663 Tn3 family transposon without passenger genes.
Tn5503 AJ877225: 46942..54079 Tn3 family transposon; Haines et al. J. Bacteriol. 187(14):4728-38 (2005)
Tn5563 U88088: 12379..18631 Yeo et al. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1998 Aug 15;165(2):253-60.
Tn5718 AJ304453: 54113..43700 Tn402-like transposon carrying mercury resistance; Schneiker et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 29(24):5169-81.
Tn6007 EU591509: 16433..12469 tni region of Tn402-like transposon; Labbate et al. J. Bacteriol. 2008 190:5318-5327rn
Tn6008* EU591509: 23073..18912 Tn402-like; Tn6008 is the name of whole transposon, but hybrid with Tn5053 in original sequence; see Labbate et al. J Bacteriol. 2008 190(15):5318-27.
Tn6170 JF714412: 128139..147018 Tn7-like transposon; Harmer & Hall Microb Drug Resist. 2014 20(5):416-23.
Tn6182 KX709966: 142927..131414 carries mercury resistance genes; see Harmer & Hall 20017 Plasmid 92:17-25.
Tn6452 KY807920: 8565..15901 Tn21-like transposon carrying mcr-5
Tn6901 AP004237: 5877..12777 Tn3 family transposon; Murata et al. J Bacteriol. 2002 184(12):3194-202.
Tn9199 AP004237: 69425..60227 Tn3 family transposon; Murata et al. J Bacteriol. 2002 184(12):3194-202.
TnArs FJ223605: 67895..59091 arsenic resistance transposon, part of which is found in the archetypal IncN plasmid R46.
TnOtChr EF469735: 7189..1 Tn3-like chromate resistance transposon from Ochrobactrum tritici
TnPa38 CP003149: 3073214..3066760 Tn3 family transposon
Tnchr AJ698325: 12327..10620 partial Tn3 family chromate resistance transposon associated with class 1 In/Tn; see Partridge, FEMS Microbiol Rev. 2011 35(5):820-55. Note that the 38 bp of Tnchr will not be annotated if interrupted by IS4321 or IS5075.