List : Gene cassettes that may confer resistance to Chloramphenicol

Name Accession Notes
blaOXA-1/aacA4.2 JF503991: 101002..101710 nt 1-87 of blaOXA-1 cassette followed by nt 17-end of aacA4 cassette, A residue at junction found in both cassettes
catB2 AJ487034: 1544..2282
catB3 U13880: 890..1604
catB5 X82455: 2..714
catB6 AJ223604: 2986..3715
catB8 AY123251: 780..1492
catB9 AF462019: 1..772
catB10 AJ878850: 1163..1877
catB11 CP010391: 47372..46618
catB13 AB713953: 81..793
cmlA1 U12338: 6736..8284
cmlA2 AF034958: 2436..3983 also called cmlB
cmlA4 AF156486: 3443..4991 variant of cmlA1 cassette
cmlA5 AF205943: 5782..7330 variant of cmlA1 cassette; also called cmlA7
cmlA6 AF294653: 2544..4092 variant of cmlA1 cassette
cmlA8 EU182575: 1480..3028