List : Gene cassettes of unknown function

Name Accession Notes
3gcu1 EF469602: 4301..4994
3gcu2 EF469602: 4995..5745
3gcu3 EF469602: 5746..6303
3gcu4 EF469602: 6304..7099
gcu1 AF318077: 98..492
gcu2 AY139592: 1267..1606 also called orf2a and orf2b, orf extends beyond cassette boundary
gcu3 AY139600: 1103..1505 also called orf1
gcu4 AJ536835: 1037..1307
gcu5 AY220520: 1163..1588
gcu5b DQ520941: 3295..3720
gcu6 AB113580: 3465..4118
gcu7 AJ634050: 3527..3899
gcu8 AJ704863: 22742..22299
gcu8b AJ487033: 951..1393
gcu9 AJ784256: 1563..2203
gcu10 AJ786649: 3842..4491 also called orfPa105
gcu11 AB195796: 2029..2599
gcu12 AJ871915: 1878..2407 also called ORFX
gcu13 AY907717: 1113..1424 also called ORFIV and ORFVI
gcu14 DQ236170: 286..550 also called orf126
gcu15 DQ278188: 762..1166 also called Orf1
gcu16 DQ278190: 32..468 also called orf2, ORF IN682
gcu17 DQ361087: 1226..1736 also called orfX
gcu18 AM237806: 65..593
gcu19 AM237806: 1210..1726 GCN5-related N-acetyltransferase
gcu20 DQ520941: 98..589 also called orf1
gcu21 DQ522237: 1940..2403
gcu22 DQ533990: 1444..2908 also called ORF1, ORF2
gcu23 DQ533990: 2909..4323 also called ORF3, ORF4
gcu24 DQ533990: 4324..5571 also called ORF5
gcu25 DQ533990: 5572..6086 also called ORF6
gcu26 AM711129: 645..1242 also called ORF1
gcu27 EF614235: 3828..4198 only example is interrupted by ISUnCu1.
gcu28 EU165039: 1512..1989
gcu29 EU284133: 204..651
gcu30 DQ914960: 208..645 also called orf102
gcu31 EU434611: 936..574
gcu32 EU487199: 858..1374 also called ORF1
gcu33 EU591509: 10532..11161 also called JK0007, encodes a predicted NADPH-dependent FMN reductase
gcu34 FM179467: 2794..3193
gcu35 EU588392: 2742..3057
gcu36a EU886977: 1208..1486 also called orfV
gcu36b FM877476: 660..938 also called orfV
gcu167 KX710093: 115070..116352
gcuA U12441.2: 3371..3871 also called orfA
gcuC AF455254: 650..1161 also called orfC
gcuD M95287.4: 5043..5362 also called orfD, orf extends beyond cassette boundary
gcuD1 DQ278189: 85..403 alos called orf4, variant of gcuD
gcuD2 HM485586: 98..416 variant of gcuD
gcuD3 LC276939: 2691..3009 ~90% identical to gcuD
gcuE U12338.2: 5618..5879 also called orfE, orf extends beyond cassette boundary
gcuE1 : 0..0 sequence obtained from Yano et al (2001) Antimicrob Agents Chemother 45(5):1343-8.
gcuE2 AJ487033: 689..950
gcuE3 AY139595: 1248..1509
gcuE4 AY139597: 98..360
gcuE5 AJ564903: 16579..16321
gcuE6 AY758206: 2452..2734 also called orf1
gcuE7 DQ522236: 1422..1740
gcuE8 EU434616: 320..58
gcuE9 FJ172377: 78..339 also called orf81
gcuE10 FJ172382: 76..337 also called orf81
gcuE11 FJ820127: 1081..1346
gcuE12 FJ820136: 1081..1342
gcuE13 GQ466184: 2194..2512 also called orf105
gcuE14 GU129909: 978..1296 variant of gcuE
gcuE15 JF826499: 13596..13857 variant of gcuE
gcuF Z21672: 886..1205 also called orfF
gcuF1 FJ207466: 1866..2184 variant of gcuF
gcuH AF047479: 3301..3752 also called orfH
gcuI AF047479: 3753..4350 also called orfI
gcuJ AF047479: 4351..4726 also called orfJ
gcuN AJ223604: 3716..4404 also called orfN and orf1
gcuO AJ251519: 2..467 also called ORFO and ORFX
gcuP U90945: 1991..1454 also called orfP, orfX, orfXA and orf9
gcuQ U90945: 1453..1055 also called orfQ, orfX', orfY, orfXB and orf10