List : Other Gene Cassettes

Name Accession Notes
3'-class2 AP002527: 0..0 corresponds to ybe-A attI2-fused cassette
aac? FJ663013: 554..1081 encodes a protein belonging to N-acetyltransferase superfamily
cupin FJ172386: 78..619 encodes cupin 2 barrel protein
dcyA HQ170512: 1072..2262 diguanylate cyclase
estX AB121039: 65..1016 encodes a putative esterase
lsp EU780012: 2721..3331 encodes a putative lipoprotein signal peptidase
msr FJ711439: 22567..24440
nit AY740681: 2167..2830
psp AB121039: 1017..1689 encodes a putative phosophoserine phosphatase
sat2 X15995: 247..830 enodes a streptothricin acetyltransferase