List : Gene cassettes that may confer resistance to Aminoglycoside

Name Accession Notes
aacA1-gcuG AF047479: 2143..3300 contains two orfs but only one attC site
aacA2 X12618: 896..1421 also called orfB and aac(6')-Id
aacA3 AY123251: 2926..3553 also called aac(6')-IIa
aacA4-C329 AF043381: 285..923 has C residue at nt 329 encoding Ser associated with gentamicin resistance
aacA4-T326-C329 : 0..0 has a T residue at nt 326 encoding Leu and a C residue at nt 329 encoding Ser, associated with resistance to both gentamicin and amikacin (see Casin et al. 2003 Antimicrobial Agents Chemother 47:697-703)
aacA4-T329 U59183: 281..919 has T residue at nt 329 encoding Leu associated with amikacin resistance
aacA4-crA AJ971343: 397..1035 has a T to A mutation at nt 283 and a G to T mutation at nt 514 giving the aac(6')-Ib-cr cassette that confers low-level resistance to fluoroquinolones
aacA4-crC AY259086: 1623..2261 has a T to C mutation at nt 283 and a G to T mutation at nt 514 giving the aac(6')-Ib-cr cassette that confers low-level resistance to fluoroquinolones
aacA4/aadA1b GQ856538: 2399..3308 nt 1-59 of the aacA4 cassette followed by nt 6-end of the aadA1b cassette
aacA4/aadA2 GQ896541: 122..1552 nt 1-584 of the aacA4 cassette followed by nt 10-end of the aadA2 cassette
aacA4b DQ393784: 2461..3099 variant aacA4 cassette with an attC site that is only 77% identical to the usual attC site
aacA5 L06163: 507..1159 also called aac(6')-IIb
aacA7 U13880.2: 299..889
aacA8 AY444814: 3328..3966
aacA16 Z54241: 421..1132 also called aac(6')-Il and aac(6')-Im
aacA17 AF047556: 78..789 also called aac(6')-Ip and aac(6')-Iq
aacA27 AF162771: 36..773 also called aac(6')-IIc
aacA28 AB104852: 1905..2551 also called aac(6')-Iae
aacA29a AY139599: 737..1248
aacA29b EU118148: 1991..2496 closely related to the aadA29a gene cassette but has differences in the attC site
aacA30 AY289608: 1472..2197 also called aac(6')-I30
aacA31 AJ640197: 2414..3052 also called aac(6')-31
aacA32 EF614235: 2222..2918 also called aac(6')-32
aacA33- AJ584652: 1914..2334 also called aac(6')-30; sequence of spacer fused cassette only is currently available
aacA34 AY553333: 1376..1841
aacA35 AJ628983: 1960..2659
aacA37 DQ302723: 69..530 IR=12
aacA38 EF382672: 112387..111841
aacA39 EU886977: 514..1207 also called aac(6')-Iai
aacA40 EU912537: 2067..2766 also called aac(6')-IIa
aacA41 AB462903: 1151..1861 also called aac(6')-Iaf
aacA42 GQ337064: 1151..1876
aacA43 HQ247816: 608..1290
aacA44 JQ407409: 2041..2741
aacA45 JN624388: 2279..2743
aacA46 AB709942: 1151..2090 also called aac(6')-Iaj
aacA47 CP003601: 208506..209159
aacA48 AB472901: 1195..1743 also called aac(6')-Iag
aacA49 : 0..0
aacA51 KF525275: 98..750
aacA52 KF525276: 98..725
aacA54 KJ138219: 974..1715
aacA56 KM201605: 574..1298
aacC1 U90945: 2568..1992 also called aac(3)-Ia
aacC2 GU390401: 1762..2334 also called aac(3)-Ib
aacC3 AJ511268: 1276..1865 also called aac(3)-Ic
aacC4 AF318077: 2020..2595
aacC5 AB114632: 83..646 also called aac(3)-Id
aacC6 AY884051: 49..625 also called aac3-I
aacC7 CP000282: 2333601..2334159 also called aacC-A7
aacC11 AJ877225: 5772..5198 also called aac(3)-I
aadA1/24/1 hybrid KT754161: 78827..79682
aadA1/aadB AM932676: 98..704 nt 1-17 of aadA1 cassette followed by nt 2-end of aadB cassette
aadA1a X12870: 1290..2145 also called ant(3'')-1a
aadA1a-aadA2R X12870: 0..0 aadA1a cassette with aadA2-R spacer
aadA1b M95287: 3311..4166 has changes in the 2R core site and the R-spacer compared with aadA1a
aadA2 X68227: 145..1000
aadA2-R X68227: 0..0 aadA2 with R-spacer fusion
aadA2/1hybrid FJ621588: 116151..117006
aadA3 AF047479: 1287..2142 hybrid of aadA2 and aadA1 gene cassettes; crossover position 758-760
aadA4 AF364344: 756..1649
aadA5 AF137361: 55..949
aadA6 AF140629: 52..914
aadA7 AF224733: 23..884
aadA8b AY139603: 98..953 hybrid of aadA2 and aadA1 gene cassettes; crossover position 602-647
aadA9 AJ420072: 26764..27664
aadA10 FM207632: 618..1480
aadA11 AM261282: 23611..24466
aadA13 AY940492: 72..926
aadA16 EU678897: 1684..2546 also called ant(3')-Ij
aadA17 FJ460181: 1782..2637 hybrid of aadA1 and aadA2, crossover between
aadA22 AY550883: 65..920
aadA24 AM711129: 1243..2098
aadA25 CP003022: 336780..337635 apparent complex hybrid of of aadA2 and aadA1 with multiple crossovers and the aadA1b spacer
aadA26 HG314953: 341..1196 variant of aadA2 gene cassette
aadA27 HG314954: 1002..1857 variant of aadA2 gene cassette
aadA29 CP011593: 52316..53178
aadB L06418: 1287..1877 also called ant(2'')-Ia
aadBb AF364344: 117..755 variant of the aadB gene cassette with a 109 nt attC site related to the accC1 attC site rather than the typical 60 nt attC site
aphA15 Y18050.2: 4748..5659
aphA16 CP011593: 51382..52315
catB2/aacA38-A EF382672: 112481..111841 nt 1-94 of catB2 cassette followed by part of a truncated cassette designated aacA38