List : Gene cassettes that may confer resistance to Trimethoprim

Name Accession Notes
aadA1/dfrA1 AY399625: 10411..10976 nt 1-13 of aadA1 cassette followed by nt 23-end of dfrA1 cassette, GA residues at junction could be derived from either of these cassettes
dfrA1 X00926: 216..792
dfrA5 X12868: 1287..1854
dfrA6 Z86002: 317..923
dfrA7 X58425: 573..1189
dfrA12 Z21672: 302..885
dfrA14 Z50805: 53..619
dfrA15 Z83311: 337..922
dfrA16 AF174129: 1333..1920
dfrA17 AF169041: 141..756
dfrA21 AJ870926: 5508..6091 the closely related cassette dfrA13 was identified and named first, but contains possible sequence errors
dfrA22 AJ968952: 237..820 also called dfrA23
dfrA25 AB280920: 98..665
dfrA27 EU678897: 1021..1582
dfrA28 FM877476: 98..659
dfrA29 AM237807: 594..1209
dfrA30 AM997279: 686..1253
dfrA31 AB200915: 2324..1718
dfrA32 GU067642: 514..1129
dfrA33 FM957884: 80..663
dfrA34 KY623658: 64522..65090
dfrB1 AY139601: 98..508 also called dfr2a
dfrB2 J01773: 707..1090
dfrB3 U67194: 33061..33468 also called dfr2c
dfrB4 AJ429132: 2..409 also called dfr2d
dfrB5 AY943084: 2786..3196 also called dfr2e
dfrB6 DQ274503: 325..734
dfrB7 DQ993182: 64..540
dfrB8 GU295656: 978..1388 also called dfrB7
dfrB9 KC675185: 1238..1761 also called dfrB7